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Family Planning And Contraception

A full range of contraceptive services is available from the doctors and practice nurse.

Confidential emergency contraception and preconception  advice is also available. If you are planning a pregnancy it is a good idea to see the practice nurse who can advise you about having your rubella (German measles) immunity checked. It is  also recommended that you take folic acid from the chemist from before conception until the first three months of the pregnancy. Family planning advice can also be found here:

Antenatal Clinics

These are held at SureStart by appointment only which can be made through Dovecote House on tel. 0115 883 5500.

Cervical Smears

We recommend that women aged 24½-50 should have a cervical smear every three years and five yearly from the age of 50 until 60 years old. Please make an appointment with one of the practice nurses for this.

Foreign Travel

Our practice nurse offers immunisation and health advice on foreign travel. Please enquire at reception at least eight weeks prior to departure. More details can be found in our Travel Service section.

Minor Surgery

Joint injections and treatment of simple skin lesions and in-growing toenails are all available in minor surgery clinics run by Dr Threlfall at Valley Surgery.

Please consult your doctor to discuss this.

Teenage Health

Our practice nurses and doctors are happy to see teenagers for discussion of health issues on a confidential basis, irrespective of age. Whilst we are happy for parents to accompany younger teenagers we may encourage young people to develop some independence by seeing them alone for at least part of the consultation.

Teenagers can also make appointments to be seen alone.

Please refer to our section for Young People for more details.

Health Promotion and long term condition management

We are committed to improving the health of our patients. The practice nurse will see patients with asthma, diabetes and heart disease for monitoring and education. In addition to this she is available to discuss other health issues such as diet and weight control, stopping smoking and will carry out well person checks (including cholesterol monitoring) if warranted.

Flu Clinics

There is an annual clinic held on a Saturday morning in October for this. Otherwise an appointment can be made with the practice nurse. Current recommendations are that anyone over 65 or suffering from heart, kidney or lung conditions should have an annual flu immunisation. A pneumonia immunisation is also available for these individuals but does not usually need repeating.

Screening services

The practice actively recommends health screening. Please refer to the following websites for further information:

Cancer screening:

Abdominal aortic aneurysm screening:

Mammograms are offered to all women between the ages of 50 and 70. All our female patients are invited every 3 years. So your first mammogram will not necessarily be immediately after you turn 50. If you think you have missed being screened due to moving area, or if you wish to continue being screened beyond the age of 70 please contact the breast screening unit on 0115 993 6649 to arrange an appointment.

NHS bowel cancer screening is only offered to people aged 60 or over, as this is when you're more likely to get bowel cancer: if you're 60 to 74, you'll automatically be invited to do a home testing kit every 2 years. If you're 75 or over, you can ask for a home testing kit every 2 years by calling the free bowel cancer screening helpline on 0800 707 60 60

NHS Health Checks

We also offer NHS health checks for people aged between 40 and 75 to assess risk of cardiovascular health problems. Contact Reception for details.

Non-NHS Services

Like other professionals your doctor is entitled to charge a fee for work which is not paid for by the NHS. This includes insurance reports, private sick notes, holiday cancellation forms and letters to non NHS organisations e.g. leisure centres, schools and work places. Please see a summary of the fees or the notice in the waiting room. An explanation for the fees can be found here.

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